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Get your letter from Santa Claus today! It’s a letter written straight from the North Pole, by the one and only Santa himself. With a personalised message, your child will know that he is on the Santa’s “nice” list. This is a letter that will be best memories for many years to come.



Get the best gift for your child this holiday season! Enter his or her name, and Santa will write them a personalised letter. The card is printed on decorative paper and will be sealed in an envelope for extra fun.

Each letter is printed on an A4 sheet imitating old paper and packed in a sealed envelope. Opening the letter will be a magical experience. Complete all the data so that we can personalize the content of the letter.

If you want to include an additional paragraph in the letter, e.g. praising a child with some achievement during the year or announcing an event in the future, e.g. a sibling’s birthday, enter the text in the “additional paragraph” box. Thanks to this, the child will be impressed and even more believe that Santa is watching him all year  😉

The letter is in a sealed envelope which is sent in an envelope for shipment – so when you receive the order, the child will not know what is inside, and you can safely place the letter anywhere to surprise the child.

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If you order several letters, please contact us via facebook.com/willdostudio